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BouncyBoo Bamboo Sock Yarn

BouncyBoo Bamboo Sock Yarn

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Fiberlady's special bamboo blend made for your projects that need some bounce. Now you can make socks with a bamboo yarn that will have a memory.  Soft, durable, washable and just plain yummy this new yarn will make your next project fun.  2 strands of bamboo rayon top wrapped with a blended strand of 60% bamboo rayon top/40% Sorona® gives you just enough bounce to keep your yarn bouncing back. Sold by the skein. 

One 380 yard skein will make 1 regular pair of socks with a little left over for you to use on another project. 

100 gram Skein:

380 yards, 87% bamboo rayon top/ 13% Sorona

US 1.5 needle

32 stitches    

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