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BouncyBoo Indigo Dyed Bamboo Sock Yarn

BouncyBoo Indigo Dyed Bamboo Sock Yarn

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Fiberlady's special bamboo blend made for your projects that need some bounce dip dyed with Indigo dye. Now you can make socks with a bamboo yarn that will have a memory.  Soft, durable, washable and just plain yummy this new yarn will make your next project fun.  2 strands of bamboo rayon top wrapped with a blended strand of 60% bamboo rayon top/40% Sorona® gives you just enough bounce to keep your yarn bouncing back. Sold by the skein. 

One 380 yard skein will make 1 regular pair of socks with a little left over for you to use on another project. 

100 gram Skein:

380 yards, 87% bamboo rayon top/ 13% Sorona

US 1.5 needle

32 stitches


Care Instructions:

I recommend finishing knitted and crocheted pieces by laying the washed pieces out on a thick terry towel and smoothing to size and shape. I don't use pins in blocking my bamboo based items.

I recommend finishing woven pieces by washing on delicate, protecting fringes if used. Spin dry the peices and gently tumble until just damp. Hard press with an iron on the cotton/rayon setting. Future washings will just need a light ironing to remove wrinkles after drying.

This yarn has been washed in hot water after dyeing with professional fiber reactive cold process dyes. Minimal residual bleeding may be seen in very dark colors on the first wash.

The Fine Print:

Please note that I do my best to depict colors accurately in my photographs, but monitors vary as does the lighting situation in my studio from day to day.  These are hand painted yarns with the variations that are inherent in the hand painting process. Representative samples of each color are used for the photographs



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