Fiberlady Stitch Your Stash 2020

Fiberlady Stitch Your Stash Contest

Here is your chance to show us what you can create and how much you can stitch. We know most of you have much yarn and spinning fibers in your homes known as the 'stash'. Now that most of us are stuck in those homes let's try to have a little fun start using the 'stash'.

A $50 Fiberlady gift certificate will be awarded to each of the 5 category winners.    



  1. Choose your categories of participation: knitting, crocheting, spinning, and weaving.
  2. All fiber must be from stash acquired before March 20, 2020! No specific age requirements, but it must be hidden in your yarn vault on March 20 when you start!
  3. Official start is March 23 at 12:01 AM CST. Plot all you want now, but do not start until we say GO!
  4. Play with all the fiber until June 1 at 11:59 PM CST. All fiber down! The official count will be finalized first thing June 2.
  5. Winners will be announced on FiberLady social media June 3.
  6. ALL projects must be tagged flsys2020AND have a final photo to be counted in your final tally.
  7. Works in progress (WIPs) may be included as long as you accurately measure the yardage used during competition.



  1. Knitting, crocheting, and weaving are all measured the same. Yardage used. Brand new projects, along with WIPs, are accepted.
  2. Spinning yardage will be counted using the official Spinzilla rules provided by TNNA. Singles count as the true yardage. Plying counts as (plied yardage) + (plied yardage x # of plies) = yardage for which you can claim credit.
  3. Please ask questions if you have them.



  1. For knit and crochet, we need the name of the pattern here on Ravelry, a photo of your WIP if you’re starting with one, and a photo of the stash you’ll use for the project. Photograph and post each project separately. Progress photos are fantastic--we all like to see projects growing!
  2. For spinning and weaving, please post a “before” photo of your fiber or yarn for each project, and then progress photos.
  3. When using partial skeins, weigh the yarn to determine yardage. (We can help with the math if you have questions.)
  4. Projects must be posted in Ravelry only. That way Victoria can find them all, if they’re properly tagged. This keeps the verification job manageable. ;-)


From all this info, we can verify bona fide projects and verify that yardages are true. Thanks for being honest and sportsmanlike!


  1. 100 bonus yards are awarded to a project if it uses FiberLady fiber.
  2. 100 bonus awarded for a project using a Fiberlady pattern.


First place finisher in knitting category (most yards knit)  
First place finisher in crochet category (most yards crocheted) 
First place finisher in spinning category (most yards spun) 
First place finisher in weaving category (most yards woven) 
First place finisher in FINISHED OBJECTS (200 yard minimum per project)

ARE YOU READY?!?!?!?!?!?!