Stitches At Home June

Welcome to Fiberlady's Stitches at Home Extravanganza!

Welcome one and all for joining us for this super event.  We will be having an exciting weekend and hope all of you can visit with us during any of our market sessions.  We will show you how Fiberlady's unique crafty items are made and what you can create with them.  

Friday Night Event 7:30pm - Fiberlady Yarns

All about Fiberlady Yarns.  We will show you every line of yarn we make, where we make them, what are the strengths and weaknesses of our yarns and how to care for them. Updates on the At Home Spinning Fiber. 

Saturday Morning - Chiao Goo Session

We carry over 300 parts from the ChiaoGoo catalog and have been selling them for over 12 great years.  This event we are offering 10% off all sets with the coupon code CGsets 

Saturday Afternoon 4pm - Spinning Fibers, Styles and How to

This is where Fiberlady started. We began with bamboo top roving and have over 60 colors in store.  We have added blended bamboo fibers and merino, alpaca, hemp and silk to our store.  We also will answer all of your questions on spinning bamboo top. 

Saturday Evening 8:30pm - Ask Away on Kits, Patterns 

Showing off some of our patterns, both crocheted and knitted, and highlighting the stitches of these samples. Also, we will answer any questions about the patterns that you have.

Sunday Morning - 10am Patterns and Kits 

We will highlight our new patterns, samples and kits in both crochet and knit.  From one skein simple to multi skein lace.  

Stitches At Home June Fiberlady Highlights and specials:

At Home Blended Spinning Fiber Live!!

During Stitches At Home June Weekend we will be making a never-been-made before spinning fiber. Made in our little mill on some wonderful textile machines. You can check in throughout the event and follow the blending, naming, organizing and labelling. We will post pictures and videos as progress is made. 

Reserve Your One-to-One Shopping Visit - click here

We know you can order online at any time, but we love it when any of you call, zoom, facetime or Skype a personal time with us so we can make sure you have all of your questions answered and you can get everything you need to start a new project. 

Tour our Retail Store

Let us take you through the showroom where we will visit the various lines of yarns we have created. From laceweight up to worsted in over 15 styles. 


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