Stitches At Home May 2022

Welcome to Fiberlady's Stitches Ay Home May 2022!

STITCHES Expo at home


Welcome one and all for joining us for this super event. We will be having an exciting weekend and hope all of you can visit with us during our 5 podcasts.  We tried something we have not done in many years just for this event.  We have some yarns already done and many more to go with our Indigo dying at home.

Indigo dyed yarns    

Indigo Dyed Swirl yarn

Fiberlady is going outdoors to bring you our fun experiment with Indigo dying. We will be dying many of our yarns and fibers over the next few weeks.  Some will be straight dyed without simple immersion, some will be wrapped, some will be the dyed and all will have various amounts of immersions to have anywhere from lightly dyed to heavy intense dying.  We will be adding these new listings as they are rinsed, dried and labeled. 

Already some are ready just for the Stitches at Home attendees.  


Event Specials!

Indigo Dyed Yarns 10% off. Below are just a few examples of the ready-to-go yarns that we have dyed.  The Mousicot Indigo dyed is very light with twisted skeins allowing much variation and the second yarn is of just triple dyed with no tying or twisting for an intense blue tones.  

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Indigo Mousicot            

 Mousicot Indigo Dyed            BouncyBoo Indigo triple dipped


 BouncyBoo Sock Yarn $20 each skein

Fiberlady's one-of-a-kind bamboo blended sock yarn in 30 colors. Washable, soft, durable and just plain fun to work with.

 Makimo DK Special Color  $15ea


We have 30 special dye run Makimo in Fern green. Each skein is 100% Bamboo rayon, dk weight. Yardage is 330yds for each 4ounce skein.