What's Up


 Welcome to the new and improved Fiberlady. We are so excited about our new beautiful store located in Lewisville, Texas. Here is some of the creative items that we are trying to do. You can follow along at home.  Local or somewhere in our great big world you will be able to see what is happening at our little store and manufacturing hub here is North Texas.


Email of the Month Club:
A novel concept we thought is only send out 1 email per month.  So, we stay relevant with you, but don't bother you.  Also, we just do not have the time to do more than that.  The email will contain monthly yarn and fiber specials, what is happening at the store, and our new monthly One-of-a-kind yarns.  What do you think? Of course you can always un subscribe.
In Store Reminders:
The special email will list all events at the store.  We signed a 5 year lease for this beautiful location so let's all use it.  Every Tuesday we have late hours and Sit N Stitch all day.  We will list classes, trunk shows and other fun items for all of you local friends. 
Yarn and Fiber Of the Month Club:
Another "Want to" item is making a short run One-of-a-kind yarn and also spinning fiber run. This yarn could be a blend of various different fibers and different effects. It may be lace weight, it may be worsted we don't know at this time.  We will try our hand at capturing all of it on digital and post to the web. You can follow along.  It is a great idea that needs to be done.