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Forte 2.0

Forte 2.0

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Interchangeable needle set. Size 2 to size 15. The shafts of the [S] join tips (US2-8 / 2.75-5mm) are made of carbon fiber, the shafts on the 9-15 (5.5-10.0mm) are African Blackwood.  The Forte 2.0 includes a set of three red TWIST [S] cables, three SWIV360 [S] cables & three SWIV360 [L] cables (14”, 22”, 30”).

The set also includes the following:

  • Retractable tape measure
  • Small scissors
  • Accessory tin with stitch markers, cable joiners, [L] to [S] adapters, end caps and tightening keys

The set is stored in a lovely man made faux leather case with a removable double sided needle holder, a large zipper pocket, a small zipper pocket, a large slot pocket, scissor holder, as well as holders for the accessory tin and tape measure.

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