10% SALE TWIST Red Lace "Shorties" Set

10% SALE TWIST Red Lace "Shorties" Set

  • $100.00

The world's shortest interchangeables are here! New in 2018 is the 2" AND 3" interchangeable tip system that allows knitters to make 9" (23cm) through 14" (36cm) circulars - including differentials!

This "Shorties" set includes the following in a red, pocket sized nylon fabric pouch:

  • 12 sets of solid, surgical stianless steel tips (US 0/2mm through US 3/3.25mm) in a secure tip sleeve,
  • three MINI diameter red cables (5"/13cm, 6"/15cm, 8"/20cm lengths),
  • end stoppers,
  • tightening keys,
  • connectors,
  • stitch markers mini needle gauge 

The tips in this set include the new tightening hole in the tip that allows you to use a tightening key in both the tip and the cable join.

Shorties Set Tip/Cable Combinations:

Cable Length Tip Length
2"+2" 2"+3" 3"+3"
5cm + 5cm 5cm + 8cm 8cm + 8cm



10" Diff Circ

13cm 23cm Circ 26cm Diff Circ


10" Circ

11" Diff Circ

12" Circ

15cm 25cm Circ 28cm Diff Circ 31cm Circ


12" Circ

13" Diff Circ

14" Circ

20cm 30cm Circ 33cm Diff Circ 36cm Circ